First Generation Kids

My first generation kids or 1Gā€™s as I call them are the first kids in Haiti who stole my heart and are the reason I am still here today.  I used to trip over them in the streets as they would tell me they were hungry and it became my calling to do everything I could, to find food for them. What started as a feeding program has now grown into the ministry we have today. I am proud of the stories of faith and strength that they have gone on to lead and the impact that they have had on the lives of those around them. 

Ismarie started her own crochet fashion design buisness and her handmade, one of a kind pieces can be purchased at her Etsy store here. She is also a member of The Rabbit Hearted Girls Collective - which exist to empower young women with vision. 

Renise is a talented and innovative creator who is the manager and co-founder of Sa Voix Haiti, a collective that exist to create jobs for girls in Haiti and develop their fashion design, buisness and sewing skills. 

Jules is a entrepreneur, blogger and photographer who is learning wedding and portrait photography with the Rabbit Hearted Girls Collective and she just recently purchased her very first car.